a day trip to rothenburg ob der tauber

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I’ve been wanting to visit Rothenburg since 2009, so when my friend Taylor asked if I’d like to take a day trip there with her and her husband, I jumped at the chance.
Did you know it was the inspiration for the village in the Disney movie Pinocchio?
Evidently, a portion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed here too.
{This site analyzes which scenes it could be!}
Taylor and her husband, who you may recall from this post:
I have nothing to say about this bridge, other than that it is a bridge.  Sorry.    
And I’m sure this is something noteworthy but I’m much too lazy to research it.
In case you were wondering what it’d look like with me sitting in front of it:
Rothenburg is known as being a tourist hot-spot but we had it pretty much to ourselves!  I love when that happens.
We walked up to the Burg (castle) to see the castle gardens, which have been around since 950 (the castle wasn’t even built until 100 years later).   
During the 1930s, Rothenburg was a major Nazi city, as it represented to them the classic German ‘hometown’, the epitome of all things German.  They called it “the most German of all German towns” and in the late 1930s, expelled all of its Jewish citizens.  In the castle gardens, there is a small tribute to these Jewish citizens – the last of which were forced out of Rothenburg in October of 1938, their destination unknown.
This sign, below, hangs directly inside that building, above, and reads: ‘We believe in a Germany that is whole and free’.  o
And of course we ended the day eating ice cream in a parking garage – the way all good day trips come to an end.  

mizhenka said...

Great photographs! I'd love to go back there. I went as a child, but don't remember it.

choose to be happy blog said...

oh hiii friend.

you stood where the man..the legend... stood.


so very cool.

yet another little american traveler i am jealous of. UGH. this cubicle thing is getting old. fast.

jackiek said...

oooo this looks so much fun! what pretty photos! xo

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Rothenburg doesn't ring any bells for me, but I definitely want to go visit it now, too! It reminds me of Stein am Rhein, a place here in Switzerland that is beautiful as wel.

I love that you gave the info about it being an inspiration for Pinocchio - I can totally see that! And now I'd love some of that apple juice.. yum!

Jeneric Generation said...

I don't know who Chelsea is, but we just bonded. I agree, this post did nothing for my cubicle-life anxiety, other than the fact that I got to pretend I was in Germany for a few minutes. Thank you for that.

Jan said...

What a neat city!! Loved the Pinocchio reference - it looked so much like it - I want to watch that movie now!!

Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

I can't wait to go to Rothenburg, I've wanted to go for..like...a gazillion years! I'm going to post a link to this post on my blog, you have some great pictures!

Inessa said...

what a lovely little city now I must visit and try out that apple juice

kim said...

I loved that town, I visited somewhere in 07 I think. Didn't realise there was a castle, we just stuck to town center, now that's something to check out next time. Did you try those snowballs too? They were selling huge chocolate "snowballs" which melted in our car so we never go to taste them :/ typical.

Jenni Austria Germany said...


well! i didn't try the snowballs in rothenburg BUT when i was in the schwarzwald in 2008 i tried them. i *hated* them. so, in my opinion, you didn't miss out on much.

Pretzel Thief said...

Your bridge comment made me chortle.

...that is all.

WAIT, no it's not. Hee!

Freshly pressed pure apple juice?! DUUUUDE. I'm so there!

Er, 'cept for the part where I'm here in Oz (lovely though it is) while my brother, mama and 1st cousin are all gallivanting around Europe.

(My brother happens to live in London, so he can gallivant and trek any time he so chooses, but THAT'S a whole other story!)

Wishing you oodles of (more) happy travels!

Abi said...

I loved Rottenburg ob der tauber!! Did you try the Schneeballs? I wish I would of listened to Rick Steves... awful..even though they looked soo good!
That wall does go on forevva! Love the pics!

Alex said...

That first picture looks like it's straight from a German village in an amusement park. How cute!!!

Lauren Byers said...

Looks like fun!! This city has AMAZING Christmas markets at Christmas time. :) I grew up about an hour and half away from this city :)

Anait said...

I KNEW that clock looked familiar....yes, I've seen Pinnochio far too many times...chuckle, chuckle. and I'll eat ice cream anywhere...though parking garages freak me out so i might have to eat it in the car with the doors locked....no big deal.

Marissa said...

It really does look like a Disney village - almost too cute to be real. And I just read your last post. A big congrats to Piotr!

Jasmine said...

This town looks really cute and the weather is so nice! Do you make photo albums with all these fabulous pictures?
Harry Potter? Cool! I just saw the final movie yesterday, so sad it's over now!

two birds said...

wow, what an amazing town! you took some beautiful pictures. it sounds like you had so much fun!

Mighty Burns said...

lol my first thought was.. wait.. is that Disneyland? Right on.. love a good cute apple juice selling town..

The Lewicutt's said...

Such cute photos!!!

rebecca said...

sheesh, what a cute little city.

Laura Nelson said...

What a sweet little town, so cute. Germany looks amazing from all your posts :) xoxo

Jessica said...

It looks so lovely there. What a beautiful town.

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a beautiful place jenni!! there's a little surprise for you in this blog post!! :)


Monica and Whitney said...

That sweatshirt looks divine.

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Anna said...

I was there way back in the day on a German exchange trip in high school! I remember going to a Medieval torture museum, a Christmas museum, and getting bored after 2 days because the only thing to do was walk the wall and eat ice cream :) Also, it is apparently where they filmed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (SUPER CREEPY vintage kids movie, anyone??)

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

So pretty! I love places like that! There is something about old villages in Germanic countries that (maybe because I'm Italian, maybe because I am me) just makes me feel like I landed in a fairy tale. Which in this case you kind of did ;-)

LL said...

i got a lot out of this post, but mostly got that i need to buy a juicer.

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