the funniest thing i’ve ever posted, part 1.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

when i finished my fulbright grant and left school, many of my students wrote me the sweetest goodbye letters.  below, i’ve typed out some of the funniest notes, from one of my 5th grade classes.  5th grade is the grade in which the germans start learning english at gymnasium-level, which explains many of their (extremely cute) mistakes.  any german speakers reading these will be doubly entertained, as some of their sentences are structured so very german-ly!  also, as i’ve said before, i’ve never introduced myself as anything but “jennifer” and yet the only name my students ever called me was “jenni”.  i’ve made peace with this (hence the name of my blog). 


{a photo from my going-away dinner, me with one of my favorite colleagues, tanja:}


Hello Jenni,

You was a so good teacher.  Because you give not homework.  And I missing you. 


Your Luis.

Dear Jenni

I find I must beginn with the best. 

- Your English lesson is very good.

- You are so nice.

- Your exercises are always perfect.

The bad is:

I can’t tell what bad is, because everything is perfect.

I hope you don’t forget me. 

So then, I wish you a good trip back and good luck.

Love, Marcel

Dear Jenni,

It was a really nice time with you!  Must you go so early?  We miss you when you aren’t here!  The best thing was an exercise with animals.  Now, I know really many animals on English.  You can learn people so many things.  That’s great.  A good thing was, that you didn’t give us homework.  Now I want to finish the letter, because I don’t want to wright a book.  Have enough energie for your next class! 

Yours, Alina

Dear Jenni,

Your lessons were really funny.  Better than other teachers.  Great.  And it wasn’t nice when you breaked your hand.  And because this:  Good Luck with the future.

Yours, Jana

Dear Jenni,

Thanks for your English lessons. There were beautiful lessons. My favourite lesson was the lesson with the pictures from your London trip. You told us great informations about London. You told us much about American people. I’m so sorry you must go away.

Love, Anika

Dear Jenni,

Do you go at American today? Then I say goodby. You was a good English teacher. Comes you at German again? Please! English with you is a good subject.

Goodby, Nathalie

{Written all over this letter, front and back, in every color of the rainbow, is the word “goodby”.}

Dear Jenni,

We had a nice time with you. I and my class will miss you. Good luck at home and greet your parents and sisters from me.

Love, Jonas

Dear Jenni,

The lessons with you were very nice. I can’t understand why you aren’t longer at our school. I like you.

Bye, Kevin

Dear Jenni,

It was a nice time with you. But the best time was when you say to me, “Good, Leonie!”. Your worksheets were the bests of all. The worksheet with your father on the farm was the best. It was SO funny. This is the end.

Love, Leonie



I only had these students for one semester but I loved them so much.  I find it funny that some of them thanked me for not giving homework; because of my position at the school, I wasn’t allowed to give homework.  Otherwise, I probably would have.  Oh, well.  They’ll never know. :)

Fee ist mein Name said...

So funny! Even for a German ;)!

L!$@ said...

That is soooo funny! and gorgeous :D

Anonymous said...

haha, how cute!

Alex said...

Kids are so funny. This is adorable though. So are you back in OK??

nova said...


Mighty Burns said...

lol what? No homework? This sounds fantastic! These are really sweet, and very charming letters. You must have mae a big impression on them!

Katie said...

Aww this is so sweet! xo

choose to be happy blog said...

oh my gosh jenni! i am so happy this is only part 1. that was so cute. i am giggling in my cubicle. and will probably re-read it after i post this.

they loved you! makes me sad, i was soo close to going into education when i started college but switched to Public relations. mainly because my mother said to me "would you really want to wear an apple necklace everyday to school?"

thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

omg! did a move back to america already happen?!

xoxo jen

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@ chelsea, that is really funny. fortunately, i never wore an apple necklace to school. nor do i own one.

@anon, i am moving to a new city/new school in germany. so that was my last year with those kids. haven't moved back to america just yet.

[eeny] said...

Those little letters from your students are so sweet.

Love the word-by-word translations from German to English - that's what the kids I tutor in English do too.

Do you already know which city you will teach at after summer vacation? Staying in Bavaria?

Gentri said...

Hahaha! Aaaaaaaw!! These are so cute! :) I love them.

Rolerkite said...

I did an exchange program in Germany and wish I kept notes on all the hilarious things people said to me. My boyfriend at the time was from Poland but living in Germany and he would often call me sweaty instead of sweetie, the first time I argued that he was sweaty and I wasn't the sweaty one. But he insisted that I was sweatier

Anonymous said...

at least the learn a foreign language... you should not make fun of them :/

hayley said...

Comes you at German again?

haha. love.

Anonymous said...

i read all of these aloud to myself in what i consider a german accent. it's too, too perfect.

kind of like how i was walking around spain saying "no me gusta" to pushy street vendors, which i then remembered means "i don't like...". i think there are still some confused spaniards wondering what/who i didn't like.

Unknown said...

Precious! Bet you are going to miss them!

Anonymous said...

back again. one more thing: only an american would make fun of another country for learning a foreign language, or? it makes me sick.

Nikki said...

These are precious!!! I'm so glad you posted these. They made my day. Adorable.

Unknown said...

These are such sweet letters! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@anon, nope, not making fun. i'm posting this because my students are sweet and their letters make me smile. i think that's pretty clear.

Holly said...

These are so cute! :)

Anait said...

Love these, they are so sweet!

brookiegirl said...

I just read what anon wrote and I have to say I think it's totally normal for you to be expressing your love for your students this way. Maybe since this person (anonymous) is clearly not from the USA (unless they are and their fellow Americans just "make them sick" which may be the case) then he or she does not realize that this type of thing is totally normal. Think of all the "Kids say the darndest thing" shows and books that consist of compiled letters or notes from children. That's my guess for why you are getting unfairly harassed. That or anonymous is stupid. Take your pick. ;)

jasmine said...

This is hilarious! Especially because german (well, swiss german) is my mother tongue and almost all of the sentences still sound so german!

You must be a very nice teacher (no homework at all, hello?!), I'd love to learn from you. What about a tandem english-swiss german?! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...


i know! i think it's so much funnier if you're a deutsch-speaker because the sentence structures are SO german!

and i would love to try tandem english-swiss german....except that my swiss german would just be comical. :)

emily g. said...

I thought this would attract a little drama ;) So why not leave my two-cents, right? I love them and I think it's adorable. It's mostly adorable because they are 10 years old and can already form understandable thoughts after 1 year of English. And because I know how excited the 5th graders get when they get to speak to a native speaker - always makes me smile!

This post is no different than when I (an American) hang out with my German friends, speaking German, and they get a good laugh when I say something incorrectly/awkwardly.

h8 on h8rs (13yo lingo, for 13yo behavior!)

Devin said...

These were so hilarious! I come from a German speaking family, and it cracked me up to see the errors in sentence structure! It totally reminded me of when I was learning German years back and seeing all my mistakes!


Megan said...

so so adorable and hilarious.

and simmer down anon. we learn a foreign language in america..and i am sure my french teacher (who was actually french, not american) had a few chuckles at my poor attempt to learn the language. This was clearly written on a light hearted note with nothing but affection behind it..which makes sense..considering she lives and works in germany..why would someone live and work in another country if they didnt have a tremendous amount of affection for it?

Renee said...

haha so cute those little mistakes :) xo

Tirol Hotel said...

Österreich ist eines meiner Lieblings-Ländern! Ich mag es

DoublClik said...

Haha I teach in Mexico, this was fun to read

DoublClik Photo Blog

Antoinette Musik said...

OMG Jenni this was absolutely adorable!!! My husband and I could not stop laughing while we were reading this as it reminded me a little of his English when we first meet!! I think you have to be a German speaker to fully appreciate this post.

mjölk eller vatten said...

aw, this was so cute and hilarious!

Pretzel Thief said...

Tee hee, so awesome! And they all sound fab and sweet to the nth degree. :-) No wonder you loved them so much!

(I'd love to see examples of my early English when I just migrated to Oz...I'd like to think I didn't chuck my fourth grade notebooks, heh.)

sarah nicole said...

I love these! Isn't this the best part of teaching? I think so.



Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so cute. x hivenn

Taylor said...

5th graders are good to teach :) they are still young with a little magic left in them!

i want to contact you about doing the fulbright - i read about it first on your blog and i am totally inspired. i would love to do it, so much. i am itching to spend more time abroad!!!

Jen said...

Haha I love your blog!

Erin said...

Those are adorable! I used to teach fifth grade, and this makes me miss the kids. I don't miss other parts of teaching, but I do really like that age group!

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