one of my favorite bavarian towns

Saturday, August 20, 2011

is rosenheim!

why do i love it?

1) it has some of the best pizza in the world (half of the reason it’s “the best” is because it is so huge).DSC01013

2) it has the coziest cottage of a cafe that you’ll wish was your own home.  kayla goes there, like, every day.  we once sat and talked there for 5 hours.

DSC01004 DSC01005 DSC01006  DSC01009 

3) the town square is one of the most charming i’ve ever seen (even after a rainstorm).

DSC01545 DSC01546 DSC01547  DSC01549  DSC01550DSC01551


mizhenka said...

It looks so, so lovely! I'd love to visit more of Germany.

Rini said...

I was there today! :)

Kayla said...

Although it made me feel very homesick!
You forgot the main reason you love it... 2 of your favorite people ever have lived there... but I guess that's just obvious!

Katie said...

Mmm that pizza looks delicious! xo

Kelsey Cunningham said...

That cafe looks amazing. I've probably said this a million times in your comments but I need to go back to europe, like now.

Andrea Stevenson said...

That cottage cafe =ADORABLE. Love it. And I love how you captured this town. Beautiful!

meg fee said...

if i came to visit you in october, where would i find you? xo.

Barbara said...

that looks so lovely!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of cam is this? those rainy pics are nice.

Pretzel Thief said...


::crashing sounds::


Well, there goes THAT option. Muhahahah.

Yes, would love to be there, like, yesterday. And that pizza looks perfetto!

Erin said...

That cafe looks like the perfect place to spend many afternoons! I love the chandeliers. Also, beautiful little town square. Thanks for all your beautiful pictures!

AbbieBabble said...

Oh me oh my, that really does look like the perfect cafe, and the perfect town. So lovely!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@anon it's a sony cybershot. and a very old/damaged one at that. but thank you.

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