have you ever fallen asleep while skyping?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

because that is what is happening in these pictures.


cute, huh?

real cute.

after flying from america –> europe, i broke the first rule of jetlag prevention.

i took a 7 hour nap in the middle of the day.

and then took another 7 hour nap in the middle of the next day.

and then slept from 4am-4pm the next day.

and then (!) slept from 5pm-2am the day after that.

and now that i finally feel like i’ve adjusted,

i’m preparing to fly back for yet another american visit

and i’ll get to do this all over again.

the uncomfortable flights, unnecessarily long layovers

and bouts of never-ending jetlag

are all part of the vicious cycle

that comes with my (occasionally) bi-continental lifestyle.

but hey – i’m not complaining.

a visit to america is a visit to america.

and ‘home’ has been calling my name ever since i posted this.


i love airplane food

and i’ve got the rest of the hunger games series

to entertain me throughout my layovers and sleepless nights.

but remind me again why there are only 3 of those books?

i’m trying to ration them but i’m almost done with book 2!

and why do we have to wait until MARCH for the movie?!

i just love jennifer lawrence – i’m so happy she’s playing katniss.

i thought she was perfect in winter’s bone.

…wait, what was this blog post about again?

maybe i should have titled it, “this is your brain on jet lag”.

i give up.


Anonymous said...

want to throw a huge twist into things? move to norway in early july... 24 hours of daylight (ok, so it hit dusk for 3 hours in the middle of night but NEVER got actually dark). jet lag turned into 'i can't f'ing sleep even if i tried' lag.

and airplane food is the best. especially when it is in the form of chicken and potatoes and you cant identify which thing you're eating at which time...all you know is it is one mouthful of goodness.

and i still need to read the hunger series.

Anonymous said...

ugh jetlag is the worst. Seriously.

Erin said...

Wow, you're already going back? I when my folks and i lived across teh ocean, we couldn't handle less than 6 months between most visits. So much jetlag! :) At least you have about a month of normal sleeping before it all happens again!

Anonymous said...

going back for how long...?

xoxo jen

Jenni Austria Germany said...

going back for a month. well, 3.5 weeks. then it's back abroad i go. !!!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

i definitely know what you mean about jet-lag. everytime i come from europe to the states i do it all wrong and it takes me a week to get back on track. what can i say? when i need sleep, i need sleep. :)
i enjoyed reading this post! xx

Sarah said...

I love airplane food too, even if it's a little scary sometimes.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

I love airplane food too! And no, I have never fallen asleep while skyping :D

Lindsay Rondo said...

haha this is great. sounds exhausting.

and i think you're the only person i know that loves airplane food.


Tanja Aden said...

I've totally fallen asleep on skype. Embarassing.com.
Airplane food really?
I've unfortuanetly also made that mistake of thinking Ill just take a "small nap" to wake up like 12 hours later in the middle of the night and then not going to bed til mid morning next day. and the vicious cycle continues. Hope you've managed to break through :) safe travels

Megan said...

i LOVE airplane food. i think you know...

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

i heart you.

Jan said...

Uh yes, I've fallen asleep while skyping but what else is new!! I love airplane food!!!

Candice said...

So you have Skype. I have Skype.
We should make that happen.
Just a thought.


p.s. Airplane food is A+

meg fee said...

i have a feeling that our temperments (sp?) will be well matched.

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Your coming back to america again! Sounds like an awesome/ totally difficult thing to do with all the sleeping and jet lag shenanigans. - Alyssa

Unknown said...

i'm getting ready for that! i have a 7 hour layover in jfk. HELP.

Mighty Burns said...

Oh no no no. You cant do that lol. You need to strap on some red bull and stay awake until it is night time.. sleeping off schd that way is the worst.... {im kinda doing that right now.. but not becuase of a cool reason like that, but becuase I refuse to turn of Sex and the City I have seen a billion times until i watch the entire season through, work the next day be damned!}

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you call the USA America. America is also Canada, Brazil, Mexico and all other spanish speaking coutries and the Caribbean. I believe the term is misused.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you call the USA America. America is also Canada, Brazil, Mexico and all other spanish speaking coutries and the Caribbean. I believe the term is misused. Aren't you supposed to start "working as a teacher" in Germany soon? As if you really have a job.

Kayla said...

United States of AMERICA! People abbreviate it to America and when referring to all of the other countries in North America it is shortened to the Americas.

"all other Spanish speaking countries"... does that include Spain? I don't think Spain is in the Americas.

Of course she has a job, she isn't a German citizen or married to a German so of course she needs a job to have a Visa.

emily g. said...

Dear Anonymous,
1. really, get a life. If it bothers you don't read the blog.
2. As an AMERICAN (sorry, that's what we're called, not United States of Americans, not USAians, just Americans) in Germany also, I always make an effort to say "I'm from the USA" instead of just "America". You wanna know what about 85% of the responses are "Ooooooh! You're from America?!" So don't pretend it's just the people from there instigating your so-called misuse of the term.
3. If the USA is also part of America, was it really a misuse of the term? If we're getting technical isn't she still going to America? Sorry if we're not being specific enough for you. Bet you wouldn't throw a fit if someone said "I'm going to visit Europe!" Same. Difference.

Megan said...


she has a job. have you ever heard of FULBRIGHT? it's extremely prestigious. she's been teaching in germany since 2010 (after working for the US Embassy in Austria), which you would know if you were a regular follower of her blog (i assume you're someone who just randomly decided to grace this blog with your negativity?).

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@anon, thank you for the geography lesson (x3)! and yes, i do have a job here. i've had one since may 1, 2010. i don't know if you're familiar with the european visa process, but as kayla mentioned, living here unemployed is pretty frowned upon/illegal.

@emily, that ("where are you from?"..."i'm from the US"...."you mean, america?".) is the same reaction i get from my students, too!

Barbara said...

Wow! I went to comment about jet-lag but am stunned at Anonymous's comment(s). I would never have thought people would place such importance on such a colloquial/widely used term. Snaps to your friends for fighting back :)

Back to the subject of jet lag - flying from Australia to Europe is the worst! 8 hour flight to Singapore, 3-4 hour layover then another 13 (!!) hour flight to Europe (then doing it all again on the way back!). I normally just give in- when my body wants to sleep, I'll sleep. It usually takes me about two weeks to fully recover!

Sarah said...

haha, i love airplane food too!

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