I saw blake lively at london heathrow once.

Monday, September 5, 2011

she was with penn badgley.  they were eating at the giraffe café in terminal 1 (above) and even though she didn’t say it out loud, after we made eye contact, she looked me up and down and i swear she was telepathically communicating to me that she loved my outfit.  either that, or she thought i looked stupid.  it was one of the two. 

but the point is, that was my first celebrity encounter and i haven’t had one since.  well, excluding the time i thought i saw mark zuckerberg at o’malley’s in salzburg and it turned out to be a 23-year-old viennese cullinary school student instead (he was wearing the mark hoodie, though, so….easy mistake).  also, i should note that he was flattered when we pointed out the resemblance.  and he was even amused when i said, "your last name is erlinger???? i live in erlangen!!!"  (no, you didn't read that incorrectly -- those two words are not the same).

anyhow, after the blake/penn sighting, i reported the news back to kayla (waiting at the gate), who responded, "SHUT. UP.  I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL.  IF THEY WERE WITH CHASE CRAWFORD AND YOU GOT TO MEET HIM, I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW."  did i mention that was only, like, my second time meeting kayla?

she was with me when we met 'mark', though, so i think that made up for it...

in conclusion, from here on out, i'm only traveling in style.  because what if i run into blake again?  or more importantly, what if i run into bachelor host chris harrison??  i think his standards for bachelorette castings are much higher than serena's.... (isn't that her name? i've never watched the show!)

xoxo...... (i do know that much.)

sarah nicole said...


1. You are always adorable.

2. You are the funniest person on the internet.

The end.


Taylor said...

The bachelor host chris! Bahaha. That is all!

Taylor said...

i used to follow blake lively on twitter and she seemed very into herself, (maybe it wasn't really the real blake). i mean i love her anyways. BUT, she probably loved your outfit and was definitely trying to send you that message.

Alisha said...

She'd probably start another awesome book series and include your look with the star character! Now, that I wouldn't mind ;)

Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a celeb run-in or sighting. Love that she stared you up and down. She was definitely checking you out!


Dani said...

I never travel in style. It makes me happy that you are occasionally seen at not-your-best. Carry on!

Unknown said...

When I was in Heathrow on my way back home, I saw Fabio! lol. It took me a few minutes to realize it was even him. I was just wondering why this tiny asian woman was hugging and shaking hands with a gigantic man that had long hair. (I hadn't gone to sleep that night since I had a 6am flight). It was strange and I completely wish I had been functioning more to remember to take a picture.

Comfy over stylish sometimes wins on such long flights. :)

Erin said...

I think I would die of excitement if I saw Blake Lively. I love Gossip Girl! One of my favorite sightings in Chicago was seeing Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz at dinner, and having their group at the next table over. I've spotted a few other fun people-- Cindy Crawford, Vince Vaughn, R. Kelly. I love livign in a big city!

Also, I always think about looking stylish when I travel, then throw that idea out the window for sake of being comfy!

Brissa said...

blake was probably making sure you kept your distance so penn wouldn't fall in love. because, no doubt, he would.
seeing jgl or j.k. or chris harrison would be a dream! i would totally make out with joseph, become best friends with j.k. (aka: examine her mind) and ask chris for all the dirty gossip. then i'd ask him how lucky he feels to travel for FREE to all those cool locations. that lucky son of a gun.

Anonymous said...

hah, my friend actually sold Blake Lively panties once...true story.

Anonymous said...

haha! i agree with the "You are the funniest person on the internet." comment.

xoxo jen

Abby said...

that is so awesome that you saw her!

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

You had me at Blake Lively. Following.

She most definitely told Dan Humphrey that she loved your outfit, and then he agreed.


Jeneric Generation said...

I know I have asked you before...but what were you wearing that caused Blake to momentarily forget that she is a cool celeb?

Kayla said...

You forgot the most important part of the Blake Lively story, which of course would be when you decided that you wanted to be my friend.

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