munich, germany: the instax version

Thursday, September 1, 2011

italian pizza
   left:  fountain outside of englischer gardens || right: park outside englischer gardensfooddrink2
left: park outside engslicher gardens || center: theathinerkirche || right: white rose memorial
top: BMW museum || bottom: train ride card games
{all photos taken during this day trip}
withoutizy said...

I want instax! You make me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about traveling Europe, girl.

Unknown said...

I loved Munich! My dad dragged us to the BMW museum but we actually really enjoyed it. I loved going to the Hoffbrauhaus as we learned the song in high school German, but unfortunately no one broke out into spontaneous song while we were there.

Unknown said...

LOVE instax. I have one but I was dumb and left it in America. What's with that??? Havent been to Munich yet, but its on the list!

Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

Anonymous said...

your instax photos are so beautiful! there is just something extra special about an instax pic, i think :)

hayley said...

love that little bmw :)

Anonymous said...

BMW museum? Sick!

Mackenzie said...

so jealous! it is killing me that i took 5 years of german and still haven't visited mother deutschland!

liz said...

I love Munich! Lucky duck.

Jan said...

Cool pictures. Loved the little car. Was that Tic that you were playing??

k said...

beautiful photos!

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