what my walk to/from school looks like.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Every morning, I take the train to work.

It’s a 30 minute commute, which I don’t mind at all (I love train rides).

It also gives me some time to wake up (…or read The Hunger Games…)

since 2 days a week, I have to wake up at 5:30

in order to get to work on time.

And let me tell you,

for a person who never had a college class before the hour of 10 am,

this is sort of painful.

Anyway, when it’s time to get off my train,

I have a 10 minute walk from the train station to my school.

On some mornings,

I get there when the sun is just coming up

and it’s really hard to put one foot in front of the other

when all I want to do is go back to bed (…or read The Hunger Games…).

Luckily for me, the route I take is beautiful,

which sort of helps with the exhaustion (….or Hunger Games withdrawals…).

After I was done at school today,

I took the following photos during my leisurely walk back to the train station.


I imagine this is going to be amazingly gorgeous in the fall and winter.

Think of the changing leaves / falling snow?

I kinda can’t wait!


P.S. I leave for the U.S. in a little over a week…. and I am 150 pages into the 3rd installment of The Hunger Games…. there’s no way that book is going to last me all the way home.  America is a looooong way away from Germany in terms of book pages.  It looks like I’m gonna need to make a last minute trip the bookstore.  Either that, or Suzanne Collins is going to need to write a 4th book in the next 48-72 hours.  Personally, I prefer the latter to the former, but that’s just me.

Anonymous said...

there is something about the forest in europe that is just missing from the US...its so much more enchanting and peaceful. i would love walking to work if i had this walk (ok ill just take a freaking job of any sorts at this point).

wish i could recommend books but at this point all i read is stuff in norwegian, the worlds most irrelevant language. ill pass on suggesting any. :)

and i cant believe youre heading back to the US so soon after just getting back to germany! holy jet lag. i may or may not have a list of things i need you to do for me when in OKLA... (#1 will most likely be eat mexican for me).

Christine said...

So gorgeous, please take pics when the leaves start changing colors!

I'm on the 3rd of the Hunger Games as well. Can't. Put. It. Down.

I'm also reading A Thousand Sisters, non-fiction about an American woman who travels to Congo. Great read so far.

Isa said...

When the red leaves season starts and you are still looking for a nice place check out the seifersdorfer tal
I've been there in autumn before the big storm (2 years ago or so) and I totally loved it.

L!$@ said...

I really need to read those books! Plus your little walk looks amazing :D Go Nature!

Fit With Flash said...

i just finished the series last week. SO good. you're gonna love the way it ends. actually you'll just want more. if you need a good read, check out The Help or The Art of Racing in the Rain. ; )

michelle marie said...

those pictures are gorgeous!!

also, be prepared to sob on the plane if you're planning on finishing mockingjay somewhere over the ocean...i finished it on the DC metro on the way home for work and was openly weeping. people looked at me funny and it was kind of embarrassing, BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe I should read The Hunger Games?

and that's a beautiful trail.

Alex said...

Seriously?!?! I am so jealous right now. It's like you live in a fairytale land! Or....
...it looks a little like how I imagined the first arena in The Hunger Games...

Kristina said...

Thanks for making me want to read those books you are constantly talking about ;-) They sound amazing and I can't wait to start with the first one!

Andrea Wyss said...

get Divergent by Veronica Roth! That will help with your plane flight. It's a similar type book to the Hunger Games (futuristic, dystopian society). I just read it and absolutely loved it!

Anna said...

Ah, how pretty! My 5 minute drive to work doesn't quite compare. I wish we got fall colors here. Wahh =(

Brooke T said...

I LOVE all those books, I can't wait for the movies- they were filmed in my city! AND that's a beautiful way to get to school.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

5.30 is very early! Once a week I have to get up at 5.15, it's killing me every single time!
I can't wait to see the forest near my home in fall/winter :)

Miss Bibliophile said...

What a gorgeous wooded path. This makes me think that your school must look like a castle and your train like the Hogwarts express. I'm right, aren't I?

Jeneric Generation said...

Read A Prayer for Owen Meany next!!!

Ashley said...

i seriously am contemplating on dropping everything and moving to Germany with you. I hope you are ready for a roommate!! Those picture = breathtaking! And in the fall and winter...sigh, i'm already ubber jealous!! I'm about 200 pages away until I'm finished with the Hunger games 3rd installment...I'm in denial that it's really coming to an end. I'm reading extra slow to hang onto it just a little bit longer....

rebecca said...

this is kind of too perfect.

Laura Ann said...

5:30 am sounds yucky. I currently am a college student whose 9 and 10 am classes seem far too early, which makes me feel really spoiled.
On a happy note, I'm really excited to start the Hunger Games - everybody seems to love them. I actually get to read the first for a young adult lit class (yay!).

Jan said...

Beautiful pictures!! Can't wait to see what it looks like in the fall!!

Lindsay Rondo said...

oooh my husband loves these books. i haven't tried to get into them.

or maybe I'm just scared to. afraid i will get sucked in!

lovely pictures.


Megan said...

so so stunning. thats look similar to the walk i had to do to Uni. the tree lined paths. love.

and i finished the hunger games before i moved out here. and i get full body chills when i watch the movie trailer for the first book.

Emma Frances said...

I wish Suzanne Collins would write a new book so soon!

And I am so jealous of your gorgeous everyday walk. It's going to be amazing in the fall!

Mighty Burns said...

yeah thats pretty much BEATIFUL

kylee said...

please let me wake up tomorrow and find the exact same thing on my way to school. GORGEOUS! please also let me wake up to find that there is in fact a fourth book to the hunger games series. that would be bomb.

kim said...

I just got the first novel of the Hunger Games, I'm looking forward to reading it! Your walk looks gorgeous! Hope it won't be too dangerous when it snows (slippery? :/)

Oh, and I have to get up at 5:45 each day to get to work in time, I feel your pain.

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