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Monday, October 3, 2011

Reasons why ^^ this girl ^^ , Hannah, is my new favorite person

1.  She’s another Fulbrighter, living in Dresden, on the same tram line as me.  Therefore, it takes very little effort on my part (or hers) to hang out.  Friendships that enable me to be as lazy as possible are pretty special, I’d say.
2.  During one of our first conversations, she said, “and then I was unpacking my pie tins – oh, I love to make pies, by the way – and that’s when….”.  Hold the phone, she loves to make pies?!?  I love people who love to make pies.
3.  One of her favorite hobbies is engaging in Project Runway marathons.  When I realized this, I was convinced our friendship was too good to be true.
4.  We had dinner plans last week and when she showed up at my door, she said, “Can we just eat a frozen pizza or something?  I’m so exhausted”.  Little did she know, frozen pizza is my favorite food group.
5.  When she flew to Germany from the US, she made sure to bring Funfetti cakemix in her suitcase.  And she made me some.  With icing.  And 4 glasses of milk. 

So…..enough said.  We’re best friends forever, officially.
Pretzel Thief said...


Is the frozen pizza Dr Oetker?

Because that stuff is the shizzle. SHIZZLE, I say! I never thought pizza could taste so non-frozen and we are.

Just... ::drool::

And yes, Hannah sounds like a gem...yay for awesome friendships "that enable [you] to be as lazy as possible," tee hee!

Brooke T said...

Yay for new best friends! i love number 4 haha

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@pretzel thief,

yes! dr. oetker is my favorite.

Alex said...

Agreed, all the makings of a perfect friendship right there.

Candace Shiflet said...

hhaha gotta wuv bff4life!. Anyone who makes me funfetti cake is okay in my book. Or just makes it period.

Lovely Little Rants

Kayla said...

Psshh, I do these things... but muffin tins instead of pie.
Stop trying to replace me!!!!!!

kimbirdy said...

aw, she's awesome! that's so great you found a kindred spirit over in dresden.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Don't you love when god brings people like that into your life? Love that she makes pies!! What a gem!

Anonymous said...

Match made in heaven! I gotta tell you, any gal that carries funfetti in her suitcase is AWESOME :)

Ashley said...

yup all those things = a best fran! esp the funfetti part!!

Anonymous said...

if you love her you're gonna love me too. i do have funfetti cupcakes in the fridge right now (complete with cream cheese icing)...finally baked the last box i brought with me to this place over the weekend.

AND i watch project runway here...and i got my boyfriend (who claimssss to not like girly shows) into it. now that is an achievement.

it is all boiling down to the fact that you just need to come visit. looks like im stuck in norway for 8 months so i cant get outta here to come see you just yet.

Renee said...

Haha super post! I love people who love to make pies too ; ) they're the best!

Jan said...

She sounds great!! Love people that make pies!!!

Chelsea Finn said...

That is seriously so awesome! Haha she sounds like my friends!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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