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Thursday, February 23, 2012

have been so under the weather (physically and emotionally) lately

but today i had a major pick-me-up moment

when i opened a care package from  emily :

an assortment of milka bars and ritter sports (my favorite treats in germany).



although i loved the sweet treats (and inhaled the white chocolate ritter sport in 3 minutes flat),

i decided my favorite part of the box’s contents

was the 3D ‘gute besserung’ (‘get well soon’ in german)  postcard

with a funny note written on the back.


she also sent me this

but did i mention she’s my favorite?


in related news, making .gifs is kinda fun!

Emily said...

One time I painstakingly transported 12 Milka bars with me from Germany back to OK only to discover that the Wal-Mart by my parent's house carried them. Oh, but they are the best.

Elisha said...

mhhm that candy sounds yum!! <3

Wendy said...

I like how your hand looks like a purple monster claw in the first .gif! ;)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

@emily, I'm sure it was worth it. They only have 2 flavors at wal mart anyway. And in Germany they have 2 million! (or something like that.)

Kaitlyn said...

jealous. my milka and ritter sport are lonnnnnng gone.

Anonymous said...

my mouth is watering. my friend just went to berlin and brought me back a milka bar (not plural, but A milka bar). id kill for another! they have them at walmart??

making .gifs is fun :)

emily g. said...

wah geez, you're my favorite person in Oklahoma! btw - moving pictures?!?! Did you change your blog to Jenni Austria Germany Hogwarts?

Anonymous said...

now I want to make gifs toooooo!

Jessica said...

So sweet of her to send you chocolates. They look delicious.

Rach said...

yay for packages! they really are so fun!!!


Maria Larsen said...

hahahaha this made me smile! I hope you're feeling better (and are able to go back to Germany soon!)

L said...

I spend a lot of my childhood in germany and you made my mouth water for some milka or ritter sport.
I LOVE chocolate from europe.
Although cadburys may always be my weakness....what can I say....I am british really =)
Much Love,


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

and those GIFs were possibly the highlight of my day.

I'm about to go get a Milka bar from the pantry and am completly blamming you

Julie said...

Hooray!! I love the moving pictures. I can't stop staring at them.

I wish I loved milka bars... but I don't. I DO, however, love most kinds of dark chocolate (especially pared with mint -- which, if I remember right, you're not a fan of).

Anonymous said...

chocolate bars moving all around!! this just makes me happy.

L!$@ said...

Oh .gifs are SOOOO much fun! Yummy chocolate! What's better than that! :D

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