In which I birth twins, win a billion dollars and turn humans into pies.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1.  You are stranded in the scariest city in Europe for five days (I'm sure you've visited said city).  You have only 3 things in your purse.  What MUST these three things be? You’re right, I think I’ve visited that city, too.  I know what 3 things I’d take for sure.  Thing #1:  A wallet with an unlimited amount of Euros in it, so I could take a cab to the closest hotel and book the nicest, safest, comfiest room for those five days, where I’d order room service, naturally.  Thing #2: A phone with a life-long charge, so that I’d never be stranded, unable to call someone for help (which has happened to me in Europe far too many times).  Thing #3: A cloak of invisibility to protect me from any potential evil-doer.  That, or a really great book to keep me entertained.
2.  You get married and give birth to twins!  A boy and a girl -- what are their names?  I can’t tell you that!  When I have twins, I want their names to be a surprise!
3.  Oh, no.  Your mom's cooking skills have suddenly been limited to making/baking ONE thing.  The good thing is, it's your favorite... so what is it?  Well, this is going to make me sound like a very normal person….  My favorite meal (hands down, no question, without a doubt, etc.) is….well, it’s hard to explain.  My mom bakes a pot of beans and then pours those beans in a bowl over crumbled cornbread, then adds butter, ketchup and pepper juice (I don’t know what that liquid is called – it’s a homemade concoction).  And it is so good.  I request it every birthday.  It’s been my favorite meal for as long as I can remember.  That, or biscuits and gravy (only if made by my mom).
4.  Someone walks up to you with one billion dollars and says you have one day to spend this on whatever you want -- after 24 hours, you don't have access to it any more.  What do you do for the day?  This is the easiest question anyone as ever asked me, and I’ll have you know it took me .5 seconds to come up with an answer.  I would drive to an airport, book a first-class ticket to Salzburg, buy an apartment on Getreidegasse, and then buy a small shop in the Altstadt with the remaining money so I could work/live there for the rest of my life.
5.  What is one thing you wish you could do or be that you are quite sure will never happen?  I would love to be Beyonce and Jay-Z’s nanny and/or her backup dancer, but yeah, I’m quite sure that will never happen.  It’s unfortunate, to say the least.  I would also love to be the person who selects which 90 seconds of music plays during an iTunes song preview.
6.  What food do you truly despise?  I hate most types of meat, which makes my hunting-obsessed (putting it lightly) father so happy.
7.  Where’s the best place you’ve ever visited?  Salzburg and Vienna are my favorite cities in the world….but they are my favorite cities I’ve ever lived in.  So…I’ll say Alaska (pictured above).
8.  If you could have the starring role in any musical, what would it be?  Sweeney Todd – the role of Mrs. Lovett.  No, wait.  The Sound of Music – Maria von Trapp.  Duh.
9.  As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  According to one of my sisters, I was asked this question as a small child and my response was, “A fly”.
10.  What colors are your nails painted?  Black.  My fingernails are always painted either black, dark maroon, gray or white.  …..Except after I typed this, I had them painted pale pink/lilac.  Whoops!
11.  What is your worst fear?  Heights – to the point where standing upstairs at my parents’ house and looking down over the railing makes me dizzy.  I’m also afraid of walking under large objects (like TVs at the ends of the aisles in Wal-Mart) for fear that they will fall on my head and kill me.
12.  If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Black.  Though in high school, I would have said brown, which is a scary thought to me now.
{I was tagged in the ‘11 questions game’ by Michelle, Julie and Ashley, but chose only 12 questions to answer as opposed to 33.  You’re welcome.}

Unknown said...

bit obsessed with the fly response over here.

Megan said...

a fly. LOL.

lauren said...

many people are having giggle fits in their offices over you as a fly right now. i am one of them... but my desk is right beside a french pastry chef from columbia making up an NPR-segment-inspired rap, so it's cool.

Alex said...

Also really tickled by the fly response. Kids say the darndest things!
And I want to try this food concoction that your mom makes. You had me at cornbread and pepper juice!

michelle marie said...

"I’m also afraid of walking under large objects (like TVs at the ends of the aisles in Wal-Mart) for fear that they will fall on my head and kill me."
^ YES!!! I totally get this too. Glad I'm not the only one living in fear!

Your billion dollar answer is awesome. I spent about five minutes daydreaming about how I'd do the same except in London, but then halfway through decorating my imaginary apartment in Notting Hill I remembered that nobody is going to hand me a billion dollars anytime soon. Drat.

Julie said...

I can so picture you answering "a fly." hahahaha

And I know what you would name your twins... Urina and... you know.

At first I thought you cheated, and just deleted some of my questions, so you could ask yourself what your favorite nail polish was. But then I saw how mistaken I was. I would have read all 33 questions. I would have read them and laughed.

Jessica said...

Love reading your answers. Very interesting.

Erica said...

my favorite response, in case you were wondering:

Thing #3: A cloak of invisibility to protect me from any potential evil-doer. That, or a really great book to keep me entertained.


Unknown said...

I love that you wanted to be a fly!

And if I had a billion pounds I would buy a house and set up my own business and give loads away--now all I need is someone to give me the money :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

Julie- i will email you the answers!

Jeneric Generation said...

I was going to say that I can hear you saying "a fly" so perfectly in my head, too. Actually, I can hear all of these answers in your voice. Which just made me laugh. I love your answer to #4!!!

hayley said...

i have the same fear of heights and i think with the extra billion i would buy my own hybrid jet, ya know, not such a big carbon foot print, but still able to fly anywhere i wanted, whenever i wanted. also would LOVE to be a celebrity nanny. preferably for tina fey.

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