Europe with my best friend: London

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It would be negligent of me to provide a recap of my family’s trip to Europe without including what happened after my family left; Kaitlyn came to visit me! 

Picking her up in front the tube outside of King’s Cross St. Pancras was the best feeling.  She had worked so hard for several months, saving every little penny to pay for her travel expenses, which meant so much to me.

We have endless memories, laughs and strange stories from this trip…. I can’t wait to share a few of them.  Here’s a little preview of our time spent in London. 



Catherine Fishback said...

Ahh.. there's nothing better than traveling with best friends.

Candice said...

How fun! I love to travel with friends!


aw wow i loveeeee london!i'm so jealous!lol cute pics!have fun!<3


Jan said...

Hi Kaitlyn, sup?

Pretzel Thief said...

Lucky duck!

I really, REALLY wanna travel with my two besties...we shall make it happen one day!

In the meantime, London (is) calling in August...along with Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, then the fmr Yugoslavia. The hubs and I will be travelling it up and, duuuude, cannot FREAKIN' WAIT.

(I mean, we're originally from the fmr Yugoslavia anyway -- know it like the back of our hand(s) -- and came after the war...but it's always wonderful going back, no doubt.)


Unknown said...

there is nothing better than travelling with friends--well close friends you get on with--and it always results in the best photos.

Alyx said...

Ahhhhh London looks so fun!

kim @ a positive peace said...

:) so fun!! I was also in London with my best friend and it was amazing!

Kirsten said...

I hope you post more photos of your time in London! I do miss it so much!

It looks like it was nice weather (and cute outfit!).

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

seems like you had great weather!! Happy you enjoyed some girls time

Julie said...

Lovely pictures! Friends who comes to visit you abroad are just the best ever :)

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