From Freiburg to Füssen

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After our time in the Black Forest came to an end, Kaitlyn and I hopped on a train and headed south to Füssen.  For whatever reason, every time we traveled with the Deutschebahn (the German rail), Kaitlyn would sing, “Hello, Deutschebahn” to the tune of this Jay-Z/Lil Wayne/Xiu Xiu remix.  ….We do strange things when we’re exhausted and delirious.  Don’t ask.

After checking into our hostel, we sauntered through the city center before parking ourselves at an outdoor cafe, where we unwound over drinks, desserts, and our respective reads.  There was a small concert series being held just down the street and the live classical music set the perfect tone as the soundtrack to our low-key afternoon.

Why were we even in Füssen, you ask?  Well, Füssen sits at the base of Neuschwanstein, the inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle!  I posted about my trip there with my parents around this time last year, but I have even more castle photos to share from my trip there with Kaitlyn.  I’ll try to get to work on posting those tomorrow.  Until then, here’s a little sneak peak of the castle in all its fairytale glory.
Miranda said...

loved seeing the castle but the trip up there (didn't take the carriage) and the trip down was pure hell! (but a good workout haha)

mizhenka said...

I'd absolutely love to visit Neuschwanstein!

MICHELLE said...

SO JEALOUS. I want to get back to Europe, like, yesterday.

Chelsea Finn said...

Ah, I'm obsessed with fairytales and that is such a pretty castle! You are so pretty, and I love the polka dots.
This seems like such an incredible place!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

kim @ a positive peace said...

looovellly!!! ughh i want to be there now!!

Kenzie said...

I've seen the castle a couple times too, but never thought to stay around the castle (instead we commuted to it!). This past summer was even more magical than the first time I visited.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH! NEUSCHWANSTEIN! i am so so so jealous, jenni. you are living my dream life. i'm currently on a one-woman mission, called "salzburg or bust 2k13". no lie.

his little lady said...

okay, that castle shot is absolutely beautiful! this has me really wanting to travel to europe right about now!!
xo TJ

Alex said...

Did you eat the fried dough balls being offered on the road down the mountain from the castle??? DELICIOUSNESS.

Jenni Austria Germany said...


We did eat them, but....we hated them! What is wrong with us? Everyone raves about those things...we just didn't understand.

Kayla said...

Middle left pic- "Haben Sie Tiramisu oder nicht?!"

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