10 things we learned in venice

Monday, June 11, 2012

there’s an overnight train from salzburg to italy.  it leaves salzburg at 11 something pm and reaches venice by 8:34 the next morning.  kaitlyn and i hopped on said train and rolled right into the city of water on it.  here are some photos taken shortly after our arrival.



10 things we learned while in venice

1.  venice does not smell great.

2.  the water is really beautiful, but still…that smell.

3.  backpacks feel 500x heavier when it’s about 1,000 degrees outside.

4. authentic italian pizza….there’s nothing like it in this world.

5.  bangs aren’t all that conducive to traveling in the hot, hot heat (there’s a reason you’re not seeing any photos of me and kaitlyn in venice).

6. the amount of cheesy tourist shirts for sale in and around the venice train station is startling.

7.  toms shoes make for some really special tan lines.

8.  one day in venice is enough, if you want it to be!

9.  the italian accent might be the most fun to mimic (i can do a really convincing “grazie! prego!”).

10.  authentic italian gelato… even better than the pizza? it’s possible.

Emily (Em Busy Living) said...

This isn't the first time that I've heard that Venice is totally a dump and not worth visiting, or at least for any longer than a day. At least the pizza and gelato were good!

Anonymous said...

i was sooo lucky to see venice in april and it was relatively cool outside or i think the smell would have lingered in my nose for days haha!!!

and i so agree about doing venice in 1 day and it being enough. that is what i did and honestly i think i had seen all i wanted in like 4 hours. it was great, dont get me wrong, but i dont think there is anything more that would have created a unique experience!

hope you're doing well!!!

Sarah said...

aren't bangs just a blessing and a curse?! (sigh...) oh and i'm totallllllly craving pizza and gelato now!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Those photos of Venice are so beautiful! I've been twice, but both times only for 1 day and I felt that was plenty to see everything...it's such a unique city that I definitely think it's worth visiting, but you don't need tons of time...but I totally agree about Italian pizza/gelato...it's the best :)

Jennifer said...

I agree with these comments (about the smell and the 1 day only rule!).

emily g. said...

gaaaaah!! You're making me super excited about my trip to Italy! I'm pretty sure I'm just going to eat my way through the week. :D

claire said...

I know a few people that have been to Venice and they all said it was waaaaay too expensive and overpriced!! wouldnt mind going to see for myself though :)

Unknown said...

Jeallllllous! I've heard about the smell, haha. Venice isn't super high up on my list but other places in italy are, like the cinque terre, florence (and anywhere in tuscany really) naples and the amalfi coast...honestly i don't think I'm prepared to go to italy until I have the time and money to devote like a full month to it!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings, & Other Things.
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Jenna said...

Looks stunning! Although I think I can imagine the smell you're talking about... no bueno. Would kill for a big pizza and 2 scoops of gelato in Venice right about now :)


Sandra said...

Gorgeous pictures! I went to Venice when I was little (since my dad is Italian we used to go to Italy pretty often) and I dont remember it smelling weird, but my friend who went there last year said the same thing about the terrible smell XD I wonder what happened in those ten years in between that it started smelling so bad haha

Katrin said...

That's great, I did a post about Venice yesterday. :)

Seeking Style said...

Pretty photos! I hope to visit Venice someday!

xo Jennifer


Anonymous said...

1. that is exactly what steven thought after the first time he visited! but then when we went it didn't smell bad at all and i was like... are you sure it smelled bad? but maybe it stinks when it's hot out. that might be the conclusion i'm drawing now.

4. i know, right. don't even. ugh. i can't.

8. agreed. kinda like disney world. touristy.

10. i mean, really. this has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. get me some gelato, now, asap!

k said...

venice is pretty, walking all of the back streets was the best part though. and i also felt like i was at epcot center!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

OH my goodness I'd like to go here ASAP. It sounds like and obviously looks like the place to be :)

Anna Elder said...

I've heard Venice doesn't smell great. It's so old! And other stuff. haha…my family is Italian and I really hope that one day I get to visit! Sooner rather than later if possible. We were actually going to plan a trip this fall but it's been put on hold for now.

BTW - I'm so happy to have found your blog! :) Yay for Okies near and far.

Dalayna Dillon said...

These pictures are incredible!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait till I get to opportunity to visit!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd never say that Venice is a dump and not worth seeing - it's amazing. Where else will you see a city without streets and with water instead? Seriously, you have to go there. But I agree that a day is enough. It's a museum more than a living city. But you need to see it.

We got engaged there, on the Accademia bridge. It'll always be pretty special to us.

Unknown said...

Pizza!? Gelato?! Oh yum!!! And so pretty! Weird about the smell though...

Natalie Leung said...

this place looks beautiful, its on my list to visit!!


Chelsea Olivia said...

My boyfriend and I were in Venice for a couple days late last year and we totally thought the idea of Venice is way better than actual Venice. I mean, it's a cool city to walk around for the day but really a day is enough and you're ready to move on!

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

This is amazing. Beautiful pictures! I just LOVE venice!

Alex said...

I agree with everything you said! One day is PLENTY. Pleeeeenty. But the gelato in Venice...tops!

Mandy Koster said...

Your photos look beautiful, never thought of the smell though.. but now you mention it, it seems only logical that the water is smelly especially because its such a crowded place with sometime. unpleasant temperatures.

Yeaahhh italian gelato... Yum!!
♥ Mandy

Taylor said...

I'm LOVING your notes on Italy. #8 is really true. You can do Venice in a day.when I went, we had to stay for three days and it was way too long, I was getting stir crazy!

Venice in the heat is no fun. I HAVE BANGS Too and I feel ya there! Uhg.

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

The best 10 lessons you could learn in Venice. You nailed it.

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