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Monday, July 9, 2012

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summer in oklahoma means….

swimming every day instead of showering

having perpetual  ‘summer hair’ (messy bun/bangs pinned) as a result

stopping for a strawberry slush every time you pass a sonic drive-in

knowing the words to way more country music songs than you’d like to admit

having your iphone shut off due to extreme temperatures

never wearing make-up because the 107 degree heat will melt it off your face, anyway

a diet that is high in okra, corn on the cob, and squash from the farmer’s market

hearing a southern accent slip out and thinking, “where’d that come from?”

….there’s also that thing where german comes out instead of english, but that's another story.
Pretzel Thief said...


And I don't understand girls who wear makeup in hot weather...I mean, ZUH?! As you say, it just melts off and...what's the POINT, exactly?

Worse still is when girls wear makeup to the beach.

::slaps forehead::

Yeah, 'cause THAT'S smart.

Send some of the Oklahoma heat Melbourne's way...it has been freakin' cold down here lately, waaaaahhh!

One more month till Europe...I can hold out. One. Measly. Month.

Niken said...

summer hair in Oklahoma will work for me :)

dreaming en francais said...

Everything you just described sounds amazing -- minus the 107 degree heat. Messy buns, swimming all day, strawberry slushies.. yes please! xo


jackiek said...

everything you described is exactly how my summer is. the only reason i sometimes wear makeup is because of my office job that i'm at three days a week. it requires me to not look like i just stepped off of the beach, but other then that, you'll find me with wet hair and sunburnt skin.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...


Maria Larsen said...

Love this so much! My hair is forever like that because being in New Orleans/Baton Rouge the weather doesn't let you get do much else to it.

Unknown said...

My summer sings the exact same song! Literally, bun, no makeup, sonic and southern accent--except I am in Tennessee!

Brissa said...

your iphone shuts off because of the heat?!?!?! i've never heard of that happening. and i'm glad i'm not the only one who has an occasional accent slip up. i have no reason to have an accent, but they always creep out.

kim @ a positive peace said...

yepppp thats exactly what my hair looks like every day!!

Megan said...

oh i hope you have a strong southern accent when we finally meet one day. just saying.

lauren said...

so pretty!

(my first nonsarcastic comment!)

k said...

glad you are having fun lady!

Julie said...

I looooong for summers like these. Maybe when Alice/our future kids are older summer will look like I remember...? Actually. I just realized that summer looks weird this year because I don't have a second car. haaaaaaa Yay for farmer's market vegetables and finding out that your voice would rather sound southern! (Because mine does that all the time)

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