whoops (50% off ad ates)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

{photo: me and kaitlyn in cinque terre italy.  are we sideways, right side up, upside down?  no idea.}

somedays the month gets away from me, and i realize that i’ve forgotten to make an advertising announcement.
today is one of those somedays.

if you’re looking for some ad space to advertise your blog, shop or small business, contact me here by the end of the day, for 50% off regular rates, on account of the such-late-notice-ness.  offer is good ‘til the end of the day, your ad will go up immediately, and will run ‘til the end of the month. 
(do email me quickly, because i only have a couple spots opening!)
(also, returning sponsors are always given a discounted renewal price, so sponsors who have already renewed this month will not be gipped by this deal!)

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