3 Things Thursday: 3 Reasons I Can't Wait for Summer

Thursday, May 16, 2019

3 Things Thursday: the "rule of three" principle suggests that sets of threes are inherently more humorous and satisfying than any other number of things.  On Thursdays I feature random lists pertaining to anything and everything -- grouped in 3, of course.

3 Reasons I Can't Wait for Summer: 2019 Edition

1.  Summer Baking

Whether it's pies, lemon bars, cakes, or just fruit-themed dessert, it seems like summer is the season for baking (until Christmas season, that is....).  We were still following strict FPIES guidelines last summer, but this summer we are restriction-free!  I am hoping we can make lots of trips to berry farms, which will in turn mean more cobblers and pies.  

2.  Trips to the Park

This is likely the thing I'm most anticipating.  Summer nights are made for swinging until dusk (and then retreating home for pie), am I right?  Planning on throwing any and all bedtimes out the window for the next 10 weeks and touring all the best parks in town.  Oooh, and splash pads too -- I forgot about splash pads!

3.  Charcuterie Boards Galore

It's only fair that 2 of my 3 listed items are food-related.  Don't get me wrong -- charcuterie boards should be a year-round concept, but summertime is perfect for snacking/grazing throughout the day (and then ending the night with pie, of course -- have I mentioned pie yet?).  The best part is that kids, in my experience, love snacking on these too and thus they can be a family affairs which is translation for: easy meal times with minimal prep.  Sign me up, summer!  

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