Travel Tuesday: The Best Honeymoon Ever

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Travel Tuesday: Sharing untold stories of life abroad, continuing to travel domestically and internationally, and leaving nothing undocumented.

I've been thinking a lot lately about our honeymoon in Europe -- where we spent months traveling through the UK (we were based out of Oxford), Italy, Belgium, France, Germany and Austria.  Looking through photos now, I can't get over how carefree our lives were at this time, pre-children.  All throughout our honeymoon, these were the sorts of "problems" that occupied my headspace:

(1) whether Joe would get out of class soon enough to get an onion and cheese panini with me at the Oxford Market

(2) whether my friend Christie would be able to add Dr. Oetker's frozen pizzas to her grocery list in time for our visiting her in Belgium (Dr. Oetker's is like....the European equivalent to Totino's pizza, ok?  But it's amazing, and I had missed it so)

(3) whether the vending machine at Brasenose College in Oxford would have Milka Tender Bars (it didn't, but it did have Kinder Bueno) (also, are we sensing a theme here? #alwayshungry)

(4) whether my jet lag would EVER go away

(5) whether I should start drinking coffee to combat said jet lag

(6) whether I could get home in time to use the WIFI to play the next Dice Master on the Yahtzee app (I was really into Yahtzee at this time)

(7) whether we'd have time for another Tic tournament that day (my family's card game, which we played this NONSTOP on the honeymoon - you know, when I wasn't playing Yahtzee)

(8) whether Joe cared that I hadn't worn makeup since our wedding (not a real concern, but I did wonder at times if he felt he'd been tricked)

(9) whether I should spent whatever savings we had at H&M, Zara and Mango now?  Or later.

(10) whether we had time for another round of drinks at The Eagle and Child (the pub where C.S. Lewis and Tolkien used to hang out) before retiring for the night

A relaxing evening spent dining at Turl Street Kitchen in Oxford

There is an element of envy that I feel when I look at these photos of these almost foreign-to-me newlyweds and think,

"Their lives are so uncomplicated.  They can sleep as late as they want.  They can work as much as they want.  They (let's be real: she) can shower whenever they want.  She doesn't have to worry if her clothes are nursing friendly.  She doesn't even own a nursing tank.  They can pick up and leave on a Friday afternoon if they so desire -- onto the next country.  They can stay out late with friends and drink wine on Belgian patios.  They can play cards on a blanket in front of the Eiffel Tower, with Brie and grapes and wine spread out before them.  They don't have a stroller to worry about.  Their backs don't hurt from baby-wearing.  They can do what. ever. they. want."

I wonder,

"Do they fight?  If so, what about?  I mean, what could they possibly fight about?!"

I think about how much fun it would be to go back to all of those countries and do it all over again.  Eat all the same meals, drink all the same wine, visit all the same countries (I am nothing if not a creature of habit).

And yet, when I look at these photos from our unforgettable, perfect, once-in-a-lifetime European honeymoon, I also smile and think to myself,

"I cannot wait to go back there with our children."

We'll do it all over again, as a family.  It won't be the same, and it may not even be better, but it will be unforgettable, perfect, and once-in-a-lifetime in its own way.

And I'll still be looking for Milka Tender Bars in the vending machine.

Nev said...

Okay, hooooold up...they don't have Kinder Buenos OR Dr Oetker pizzas in the US? Whaaaat? What a gyp! They have both in Australia, and have had for a very long time (the Buenos for 20+ years, the pizzas about 10yrs). Not to rub it in or anything, eeeek. This clearly means y'all need to spend some time Down Under. Or, you know, just go live in Europe again, heh heh, so the whole "doing it all over again as a family" can be possibly living there as one!

Katie Noe said...

I think about this all the time!! I can’t wait to take my kids to Oxford and show them around ❤️

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