Wedding Wednesday: The Creative Team Behind The Curtain

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Who are the cast of characters you'll read about in all the Wedding Wednesday stories?  The creative team working behind the scenes to bring the wedding magic to life?

Three of our team members: Isabelle, Kassidy, and Macye -- behind the scenes at a St. Louis wedding.

First, there's me: owner, creative director, handler of finances and all legal matters, yeller at Travises. I explain more about what motivated me to start this business in this post.

Next, there's Sarah: floral genius, reliable work-through-the-nighter.  Sarah studied floral design at OSU, where we met and became friends.  She's an electrical engineer by day, but could be the resident Royal Family florist by night, as far as I'm concerned.  She's the best.

Then there's Sally: cake decorator, extender of endless patience when a certain creative director would text her the night before the wedding to add a tier (or two) to the cake at the very last minute.  Not that this matters, but I also have on good authority that she may or may not still know the Single Ladies choreography from 2008 ("because some things, Jennifer, are too important to forget").

Then there's my mom (!): the real MVP and fan-favorite, maker of unconventional wedding treats that consistently wowed guests wedding after wedding.  Pies, cinnamon rolls, vanilla ice cream, lemon bars, Summer Day cookies, Scotcheroos, banana pudding -- her taste test sessions always yielded the same verdict from the couple: "Well... I can't narrow it down to one, so let's just order every single thing on the menu."

Then there's Eric: photographer and videographer.  Eric was inspired to meet couples' aesthetic needs after a rather unique experience when he himself was engaged; the photographer asked him to lay in his soon-to-be wife's lap, his head awkwardly cradled in her hands.  In his words, "I looked like a fallen soldier."  Lucky for our brides, he was so scarred from this incident that he vowed to use his natural photographic talent to make every couple's session - either engagement, bridal portrait, or wedding day - the best it could be, with absolutely no visual hint of wartime days gone by.

Next, there's Isabelle: calligrapher, sign-maker, my go-to righthand woman.  I sometimes dream of hiring her as my personal assistant just so I could have her in my life again.  But then I realize that nothing about my lifestyle (nor my income, for that matter) justifies having a personal assistant and that dream dies a sad, impractical death.

Next,  Macye: soft-spoken intern, would lasso the moon if I asked for it.  A junior bridesmaid once publicly accused her of stealing 3 dozen cookies (in a shocking turn of events, we later learned the junior bridesmaid was the actual thief). She once worked a wedding show with me and upon seeing a sign that said, in needlessly dramatic font, “Trespassers will be SHOT”, responded in utter horror, “What?! That is NOT okay. What if someone has trauma in their background from gun violence? That sign could be extremely upsetting!” Leave it to Macye to be thinking of trauma survivors in the middle of a convention center bridal show.

Continuing on, there's Kassidy: another immensely helpful intern whose professionalism never failed to wow me, yet who was always game to talk about the latest Bachelor(ette) gossip during late work nights and weekend wedding trips. The more I think about these interns, the more I realize they could probably run the country if we let them.

But then there was the intern (who shall remain nameless) who worked a total of one wedding and then quit (via email) right before one of our biggest weddings of the year so she could be an actress! She, on the other hand, should probably not be running a country.

Together, we pulled off a crazy amount of weddings and had an unbelievably fun time doing it. More wedding stories return next Wednesday.

Nev said...

Hoo boy, I'm exhausted just reading about it. Y'all are total bosses, because I can only imagine the stress, insane workload, and countless other things you needed to juggle to pull everything off with aplomb each and every time! ( say nothing of some of the demanding and "intense" clients, of course, bwahaaah!)

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